How to recover voice messages deleted by mistake on WhatsApp

Have you unintentionally erased a voice message on WhatsApp and wish to retrieve it? In this guide, we will assist you in locating those seemingly lost WhatsApp voice messages.

The introduction of voice messages on WhatsApp transformed how we communicate through Meta’s instant messaging platform. Embraced by many and disliked by others, this feature enables quick communication through voice notes, eliminating the need to type messages character by character.

A common issue on this platform is the accidental deletion of messages, including voice messages, amid the abundance of messages received. Fortunately, there is a workaround that allows us to recover any voice message deleted mistakenly (or intentionally) on WhatsApp without resorting to additional applications.

How to restore voice messages deleted by mistake on WhatsApp

How to recover WhatsApp vioce messages deletede by mistake

If you’ve inadvertently erased a WhatsApp voice message, there’s no need to panic; it’s not permanently lost. All files transmitted through this platform are retained in the internal storage of the device. To retrieve a WhatsApp voice message on an Android smartphone, you need to adhere to the steps outlined below:

1.Launch an application that allows you to navigate through the system files (typically, every device comes with one pre-installed, but you can opt for any other comparable app).

2. Enter the internal storage directory.

3. Locate the WhatsApp folder.

4. Access the folder labeled Media.

5. Within, identify the folder designated as WhatsApp Audio or WhatsApp Voice Notes (varying based on your smartphone).

6. Locate the folder associated with the specific date and select the audio file to listen to it. Keep in mind that for this method to be effective, it is essential to enable the automatic download of voice messages from the Storage and Data segment in the WhatsApp settings menu. The only drawback is that adjusting the audio playback speed is not possible through this menu. Nevertheless, we have the option to store WhatsApp audio messages in alternative folders and even delete them to create additional space in our device’s storage.

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