How to pixelate and blur a photo on WhatsApp

WhatsApp stands out as one of the most extensively utilized platforms for sharing files and images. Did you know that this application includes a built-in feature to blur images before sharing them with your contacts? Let me provide a concise overview of how this functionality worksMessaging platforms under Meta are consistently progressing to meet the changing requirements of their users. 

Within the enhancements made for images, a notable feature allows for the complete or partial pixelation of photos. This empowers users to censor images before sending them to someone within the chat, eliminating the need to exit the conversation. Would you like to discover where this feature is located and how to make use of it?

How to pixelate and blur a photo on WhatsApp

How to blur images in WhatsApp without external apps

If you want to hide confidential details in an image before sending it to a WhatsApp contact, you can now achieve this directly in the app without depending on an external editor. To accomplish this, just follow these instructions:

1. Launch WhatsApp and select a chat.

2. Click on the camera icon situated in the lower bar.

3. Pick the image you plan to send and tap on the pencil icon.

4. Opt for the fourth choice from the menu at the bottom and glide your finger across the parts of the image you want to obscure.

5. Upon satisfaction with the outcome, select the OK button in the upper left corner and lastly, press the submit button. In addition, WhatsApp offers the ability to censor images with colored strokes through freehand drawing. To utilize this method, instead of choosing the fourth option in the editor’s bottom menu, select one of the other three. Each option is designed to cover specific parts of an image with colored strokes, varying in the size of the brush. An advantage of this approach is that you can pick the color you want to use from the palette.

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